Kempsey Family Day Care

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With its warm, home-like environment, individual attention to children in small groups and ability to provide care for children from a very young age, family day care is often the choice of child care for women returning to or entering the workforce after childbirth.

Family day care is a service where children, families and communities reflect a wonderful diversity shared by carers and staff. Acknowledging this diversity, family day care is able to offer care:

• during standard hours
• overnight
• weekends
• school holidays
• before/after school
• occasional care

Family day care can support parents in shift working employment, such as nursing or hospitality, or roles which require travel. Diversity of language, culture and ability is also embraced to ensure the right ‘fit’ for children, carers and their respective families. Our flexible service can also assist families in crisis or as a respite care option.


For parents, family day care offers so much more than a fun, safe place to leave your child. Flexibility, stability, consistency, reassurance and family values – underpinned by meaningful and often long term relationships – are all key ingredients in building happy, well adjusted children. For children, being nurtured and having the opportunity to develop in a secure, home-based, family-focused environment, and mixing with a diversity of ages and cultures is a great was to build self-esteem and social skills.


Family Day Care. Just like home!



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