Kempsey Family Day Care

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New families pay an enrolment fee when first joining our service: one child $ 40.00, two children $ 45.00, three or more children $ 50.00. This is non-refundable.


All KFDC Educators are self employed and set their own fees within the services fee rate range. Educators will discuss their fees with families prior to starting care. Families will be given a copy of the educators fee schedule and asked to sign a copy of their "Alternate Fees Schedule" to acknowledge they have receieved a copy.


The families gap fee payable to educators is dependant on the families Child Care Benefit % given by Centrelink. This is based on the families income.


Kempsey family Day Care recieves no government funding and relies on the Parent Administration Levy to financially support the service. Parents/Families are charged an adminstration levy per hour per child.


Families may be eligible to recieve a Child Care Rebate (CCR) up to 50% of their out of pocket expenses.


Family Day Care. Just like home!


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